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No.907 Kana
Date of post : 2014/05/30(Fri) 21:14
I'm mom of 2-year-old boy.
I don't have confidence my English.
But I want to make friends of mom, over the world.
Please send me a message.

나는 2세의 사내 아이의 엄마입니다.
아직 한국말 잘 말할 수 없는데,
많은 엄마들과 친구가 되고 싶어요.
메일 주세요.
잘 부탁해요^^

スカイプ(Skype) でタイ語を教えます

No.892 宮内アン
Date of post : 2014/05/15(Thu) 11:32
スカイプ(Skype) でタイ語を教えます

週一回 50分  (月/4 回 ¥6,000)
JTEO 宮内 アン
携帯 :  090-9159-7805
メール:  papasra@hotmail.co.jp 

ご自宅でSkype 日本語レッスンの先生を募集

No.891 宮内アン
Date of post : 2014/05/15(Thu) 11:25
ご自宅でSkype 日本語レッスンの先生を募集しています。
生徒は 日本語を勉強したいタイにいる学生や主婦、


Skype レッスン

1人 1レッスン 1回 45分
週 1回 月 4回 \3,000
(45分 x 4回/月)

前払い 毎月10日

宮内 アン

Let's enjoy Mum's life!

No.886 日高
Date of post : 2014/05/10(Sat) 20:59
: 日高
Join us!Child-raising Foreign Mothers.

Do you have any problems living in Japan?
Let's chat and have a drink together.
Have you made any new friends yet?

Date 24th June(Tuseday)
Time 10:00am-11:30am
Place わんぱーく・みと(Wanpa-ku/Mito)
Car Park Space for maximum 19 cars(free)
Applicants Foreign mothers
Capacity Maximum 15 mothers with their children
Application You can call to 029-303-1515
go to the mentioned address
Mitoshi OOmachi3-4-30 for registeration.
Fee ¥100(including snack)


No.885 日高
Date of post : 2014/05/10(Sat) 20:36
: 日高
日にち 6月24日(火曜)
時間 10:00〜11:30
場所 わんぱーく・みと(子供と遊べる無料施設です)
駐車場 19台(満車時は近くの有料駐車場をご利用下さい)
対象 外国人お母さん(託児;子供はスタッフに預けます)
定員 先着15組
申込 6月3日から、電話or直接来てお申し込み下さい。
費用 100円(お茶菓子代)


Please make friend

No.792 RYOKO
Date of post : 2014/04/04(Fri) 14:13
It's 28-year-old RYOKO living in the prefecture north.
I'm attracted by English and am study after going to trip now in the U,K.
I can speak English a little.........
I want to become able to talk and write more and yet more!!

Will you make friends??
I wait for mail.

Do you not make a mistake of English?


No.750 山内 由紀
Date of post : 2014/02/28(Fri) 16:10
Multilingual person does't ignore anyone.


English fiend wanted

No.747 Saori
Date of post : 2014/02/25(Tue) 09:54
Hi, I used to live in the States. I don't have a chance to use my English, so I'm looking for a friend who can hang out with me and talk in English. Please contact me. I'm "stay at home mom" and have 2 children. I live in Mito. I prefer a lady friend. Thanks.

English teacher wanted

No.741 Yuki
Date of post : 2014/02/17(Mon) 16:33
seeks a native English speaker to teach our kids (2-3 years old) English in Ibaraki town (close to Mito). We pay 5000 JPY per 90min. lesson (twice a month).

Please send us a message for details.

Ski Tour for Foreign Residents

No.691 MCIA
Date of post : 2014/01/16(Thu) 15:12
Ski Tour for Foreign Residents 

Apply NOW for 1-day excursion to a snow mountain in Tochigi prefecture!

You can spend your time either solely enjoying the snowy world or trying skiing.
And here’s the good news. Even if you are a complete beginner or haven’t skied for a while, NO WORRIES, because a couple of teaching members will be accompanying us.
On the other hand, if you are already a skier, it is your choice to ski the course you prefer.

This is also a great chance to meet with other foreign residents. DO NOT MISS THIS !

Host: Mito City International Association
Date & Time:Feb.21 (Fri.) 2014, 5:20am-7:00pm
Place:Edelweiss Ski Resort (Tochigi Pref.)
Limit: 30 people (If you wish to go with your Japanese family or friends, please consult us.)

Fee: ¥1,000 (for insurance, transportation, etc.)
*This does NOT include the rental fee for ski set/ ski wear/ lift ticket.
Those who wish to ski are to pay extra for your own needs. Below are examples.
・Rental fee for Ski Set ¥4,000 (ski, ski boots, a pair of poles)
・Rental fee for Ski wear ¥3,500 (top & bottom, gloves)
・Lift ticket ¥1,000 (4 rides) ¥2,400 (AM only/PM only) ¥3,200 (1 day)
(Ski caps and goggles/sunglasses need to be prepared by individuals since adult sizes are not available.)

Meeting Place & Time:
1. Mito International Center at 5:20am, or
2. The Front Gate of Ibaraki Univ. at 6:00am
・Arriving time 9:30am
・Leaving time 3:00pm
・Return to Ibaraki Univ. at 6:30pm
・Return to Mito International Center at 7:00pm

Submit an application form together with the fee (¥1,000) at Mito International Center between Jan.22 (Wed) 9am 〜 Feb.19 (Wed) 5pm.
(other fees are to be paid on Feb.21)

Click HP sign (link to application form (PDF file), Mito City International Association Homepage)

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